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Goddess Uma (Durga) intends to help her child, God Kala, who want to prey Five Pandavas, but her passion can not be implemented because of the Pandavas are protected by the Headman, Elder Semar. The Kala Became furious, Ngamarta state was destroyed by him and he want to Kidnap Dewi Subadra but it was prevented by Raden Wisanggeni. The Kala was Eventually repent before Raden Wisanggeni. The Headman Semar got a dream that his residence hit by flash floods and one of his sons Nala Gareng float off and lost in the flash flood.

King Kuondarageni from Ngawuwu Sky state came originally wanted to bring Semar to be a sacrifice. Elders Semar and his sons to escape from King Kuondarageni, but Nala Gareng separately from Elder Semar. King Kuondarageni eventually was defeated by Elder Semar and intangibles into Hwang Giripati. Nala Gareng who got protection from Raden Wisanggeni tried to climb into heaven become King of Gods. Soon Hwang Giripati and Kyai Semar return to Khayangan and receive advice and warning of Wisanggeni with vision: Sura Sudira Jayaningrat Lebur Dening Pangastuti, Hayu Hayu Rahayu Niskala.