The spirit of the players is never subsided


Wayang Orang (WO) Ngesti Pandowo continues to fight to survive. Hours of flying and big names apparently have not been able to make it shine. It is quite ironic in the midst of government efforts to spur the tourism industry, among others, based on culture. Head of WO Ngesti Pandowo, Djoko Moeljono revealed, it has been three years his side no longer receive assistance from the government. Since then, managers continue to seek bailout funds so that art groups can still exist. Previously, Ngesti Pandowo always get social assistance (bansos) from the government about Rp 200 million per year. The last time the funds were disbursed was in 2014. “When the bansos funding process has been diverted, since 2014 Ngesti Pandowo is no longer getting the government’s aid budget,” he said when he was preparing to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of Ngesti Pandawa at the Cultural Park Raden Saleh (TBRS), recently. Djoko said, the new rules mention to get help from the government WO Ngesti Pandowo must be incorporated. Itupun efforts have been made by managers to establish WO Foundation Ngesti Pandowo.

- The number of WO Ngesti Pandowo performances per week, on Saturday night the average no more than 50 people.

- It even makes the manager always deficit on every performance, with no equilibrium between income and expenditure.

- Although only paid Rp 30 thousand-Rp 50 thousand, the spirit of the players WO Ngesti Pandowo never subsided.


Proposal of submission of aid by following the rule of law has been presented by Ngesti Pandowo to the Central Java Provincial Government through Culture Department. But until now has not received a positive response. On the other hand, Djoko said, every art activity organized by the Central Java Culture Office is always auctioned to a third party or Event Oganizer (EO). Thus, the decision to involve which arts will appear in government activities becomes the authority of the EO. “Since 2015, we have only been (WO Ngesti Pandowo-Red) invited to perform, namely in Sukoharjo.” The hope is included in government activities, “he added. Invitation to Jakarta In November 2017, Ngesti Pandowo received an invitation to perform at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). Although the players are ready, because there is no budget, it is concerned that they can not participate. From the organizers TMII has sent a letter to the Governor of Central Java and the Mayor of Semarang, its content to be given funding for Ngesti Pandowo in order to play in Jakarta. However, both said there was no budget for it. However, Djoko get a bit of fresh air. The reason, Semarang City Government still strives for Ngesti Pandowo can perform in Jakarta. The way through the submission of budget changes in October. “Just stay Semarang City Council approved or not,” he hoped anxiously. During this time, Djoko said, Ngesti Pandowo always deficit. Every time the performance, ie on the night of the week, the number of spectators never more than 50 people. Even if the capacity of 100 seats in the Ki Narto Sabdo TBRS Semarang Building is all filled up, the incoming money is not enough to pay the player fee. Managers must be willing to tombok every time the staging is held. “The capacity of the audience of 100 seats, say full, multiplied by the entrance fee of Rp 30 thousand then only three million. However the honorarium once more than that.We have 100 players, every person is paid Rp 30 thousand-Rp 50 thousand once appear,” he explained. With that condition, no wonder all players Ngesti Pandowo have other jobs outside. Like for example as a dance coach, employees, to traders. The board also understands it and allows the players to work or make Ngesti Pandowo as sideline. Because, his side realize can not afford to pay a decent wage. However, Djoko said, which deserves thumbs up is despite the mediocre wage, their enthusiasm to follow the training and eradication never subsided. “I do not know what is possessing them so that they have remained faithful to Ngesti Pandowo, maybe the blood of this art has animated them,” he said figuratively. The total number of players Ngesti Pandowo now recorded about 100 people. They come from various backgrounds, the oldest is 70 years old and the youngest is still junior high. However, the number of female players admitted today is diminishing, so it recruited from outside, namely among campuses like the State University of Semarang (Unnes). Mandatory to watch He expects the government to seriously think about the fate of art in Semarang, especially Ngesti Pandowo. It is like for example obliging the school children or civil servants to watch wayang orang. “It is conceivable, if every student or civil servant in a year must watch one time WO Ngesti Pandowo show, I am sure the bench is always full, so the capacity of 300 loaded building can be maximized,” he explained. Djoko said, many positive effects of seeing the WO art performance. So, ultimately through efforts itupun actually help the government in the field of education. “Now to live always tombok and tombok.If it’s hard to watch the puppet is activated, it can be quite helpful to help artists in this area. A lot of good philosophy and guidance by watching the arts. “One player Ngesti Pandowo, Wiradiyo said, since no longer based in the GRIS, the life of Ngesti Pandowo has ups and downs, until now his condition is arguably not quite encouraging.He remembered, when started melakoni Staging in about 1983 ago at Gedung Rakyat Indonesia Semarang (GRIS), now become Paragon Mall, enthusiastic people watch wayang orang is very high. Almost every staging, audience seats always crowded, even booming. ”Ngesti Pandowo used to be the life of players, but now we can not rely on Ngesti Pandowo, even us every week tombok.On average, now the players have private workers.We appear not to seek payment, but as the expression of the soul Art in self, “he explained. Wiradiyo revealed, because no longer in the heyday, Ngesti Pandowo is currently also difficult to find regeneration players. “In the past, Ngesti players are hereditary, the potential of the family alone is already abundant.Now, we can not help but also from outside, such as students from Unnes and others.But let alone give them honorarium, just give them money Transport is still difficult, “he added. Currently, he added, the wayang players still continue to maintain the performance because they want to express their artistic spirit. “If many people watch, we play so full of spirit, but if (the audience) only a little, we become lethargic,” he explained.

Translator      : BENI SAPTIYANTO, S.Pd. (instagram @benisaptiyanto)

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